Vibram FiveFingers

June 24, 2010

I was able to stalk out a pair of Vibram FiveFingers (classic, black) after calling roughly 100 stores around my area. They only had 1 size (my size) and in 1 color (the color I wanted).

I’ll post a more extensive review of them after a week or so, then a month or so, and then so on if anything important needs to be said (like my toes growing biceps).


On Acne

June 16, 2010

Today’s post on was concerning Acne, so I thought I’d post it here and relay some of my thoughts.

Original blog post found here:

“Our medical establishment’s prescription for acne generally involves dehydrating the skin into oblivion, sandblasting it with chemicals, or pumping hormones, antibiotics and potentially toxic meds into the patient.”

I agree that most medical approaches to Acne in the past have been ridiculous. I can personally say that skin is not fond of 400 chemicals waging war on its surface (itchiest days of my life).

For a more visual interpretation, see below:

Don’t even get me started on Accutane.

“Acne doesn’t have a single definitive cause but can be set in motion by internal and external conditions, all of which have some root in systemic functioning: inflammation, “excessive” sebum (oil) production, pore blockage and “bad” bacterial presence/infection. In large part, the condition of the skin is part and parcel of the body’s overall health….As hard as it is to believe, the medical community is only this decade beginning to recognize the systemic roots of acne. (Then again, should we really be surprised?)”

No, we shouldn’t be surprised. Call me a skeptic, but I think there has to have been a worldwide dermatologist conspiracy. They all probably met at a Friday’s somewhere in Idaho and voted on keeping the real cause of Acne a secret, to further their wallet-expansion goals.

I do heavily agree that Acne is a warning light of your bodies overall health. It’s like the “change oil light” in your car, but it’s more like a “change your lifestyle” light for a human. If you are living a healthy lifestyle, I don’t see why you would have Acne, unless its hormone induced. But who knows how much that really plays a role. And who says you can’t help your hormones? So many unanswered questions.

“Now, we all know those folks who eat junk food, exercise once in a blue moon and keep a ridiculous sleep schedule – and yet by some bizarre miracle always have perfect skin. It can seem like a slap in the face to the earnest person who has to work for his/her complexion and still comes up short.”

Not all people are created equal. Next.

“I don’t believe we’re 100% destined to have acne or not, but our susceptibility does appear to vary, and our modern Westernized environment seems to set the stage for that risk. As Loren Cordain’s (and others’) research have shown, acne is ubiquitous in the Western world but limited in other parts of the world and practically unseen in traditional societies. Yet, even Primal folks are subject to acne. What gives exactly? I’d suggest it’s a constellation of influences in modern living that come back to taunt us in the mirror. We live a modern existence full of systemic traps: pollution, personal care products, stress, lack of sleep, and climate controlled living to name a few. Nonetheless, we needn’t sit home on a Friday night.”

Loren Cordain’s research is the backing for my belief that a western diet is a primary instigator of Acne. Traditional tribes that still hunt and gather foods tend to have much less, if any, Acne. Proportionally, westerners have shitloads more. Truckloads of shitloads.

The post goes on to suggest Diet options, Supplemental options, Toxin awareness, and Sleep/stress control.

Ultimately, eating a non-allergenic diet, taking vital supplements to help fight back the westernized diet (fish oils, zinc, I even take a broccoli pill daily), is a pretty good first step. Sleeping when the sun goes down and waking up naturally is also by far the best feeling in the world, but almost impossible as a college student.

One last note:

I’ve noticed that the main things that are excluded from the Paleo diet (Dairy, Soy, Wheat, Peanuts), are HIGHLY allergenic things amongst a HUGE percentage of the population. To my knowledge, not many people are allergic to steak.