Day 1 Vibrams: I have good news, and bad news.

Which do you want first?

  • Bad News

I took my new pair of Vibram FiveFingers Classic out for a test run today and the ball of my big toe became chaffed so I had to take them off before I finished.

Now, I’m gonna be nice and attribute this to my lack of experience in these, as well as the shape of my foot considering years of hard time spent in commercially shaped footwear. I, like most people who wear terribly shaped shoes, have bunions ( Luckily mine aren’t as bad as the picture on wikipedia, but they could stand to be better. The problem I had today was that my right bunion became irritated by the material of the shoe. I haven’t concluded the root cause of this yet, as it could be my foot, the Vibram not being the correct size, my inexperience in the shoes, or a multitude of other things. Ultimately, my first impression of these for running is poor (my running is more sprint-based. I’ll save that for another post).

  • Good News

On the positive side, I love the feel of having my toes “free.” I can feel myself walking with a stronger stride, using my toes to provide momentum as opposed to the traditional heel roll. I also love that you can still feel the texture and shapes of things beneath your feet without actually hurting your feet (like walking on gravely-hot street pavement or grass – the first thing I recommend you do is walk in grass).

I’ve always had minor balance problems while trying to standing alert and healthily (as opposed to nasty slouching). Vibram FiveFingers to the rescue! I could stand strong, tall, and powerful without even straining, as if my toes were built for balancing. I don’t understand how modern culture has ignored the fact that toes are a useful extremity. I assume that shoes, originally, were built with closed ends because people didn’t have the technical ability to effectively cut toe holes and our modern companies have kept this dated-method up to date. Nike probably went through a few slogans before they came with up with the politically correct “Just Do It.”

Nike – “Fuck Toes.”

Nike – “Forget Toes”


Once the information becomes mainstream that shoes are not healthy for your feet, I’d bet money on their slogan becoming:

Nike – “Cmon, Just Do It, Please?”

My verdict after one day of wearing Vibram FiveFinger Classics is that, although they are miles ahead of mainstream shoes, they are a few hundred yards behind being barefoot.

I’ll get back to you on that though.