Flavor Cravings

June 24, 2010

Let me paint a picture for you:

I was four weeks into my primal metamorphosis, eating nothing sweeter than a strong strawberry. My friend Paul and I were just hanging out at his house, shooting zombie’s or what have you on the tele’ (teh – leh: british for television), when he decides to grab a snack. He goes to the kitchen only to return with a poptart:

A nasty ass, commercially processed, Satan spawned breakfast/diabetes inducing product and I wanted to taste it sooo badly.

I wasn’t hungry.

I wasn’t lacking sugar intake.

I simply had a Flavor Craving.

Flavor Craving (noun): A desire to consume something, not because of hunger, but rather for its flavor.

It got me thinking that instances like this are probably what make the primal process so hard for most individuals. The temptation is hardly something one can completely avoid; things like birthday cakes your friends are serving, or a glazed donut and latte your friend brought to the library to study, are completely unavoidable. Dealing with these instances is a difficult one indeed, and truly takes metal balls (brass in my case) to pull through. Theres a couple ways of dealing with these cases that I thought of:

  • Plan Ahead

Obviously, if you are aware that your friend is having a birthday party, you should expect there to be some sort of desert item and poopfood. The smart thing to do in this case would be to bring your own food with you, if you choose to indulge. Having some backup carrots or a banana can be a life saver because even though you might want to desperately lick the frosting off the cake, the banana might be enough of a distraction to survive the allure of sugar nuke. As a side note, nukes should never be alluring.

  • Reward System

This isn’t something I should need to elaborate on, but here’s a little written snack for those you need it: pick something you enjoy, and provide it to yourself when you overcome a temptation. The key is to find a reward that IS NOT a sugary treat or something else that isn’t primal. Things like a massage, or a movie, or a home-made fruit smoothie come to mind. Maybe even that last piece of chocolate.

  • Just Don’t Do It

This is how I roll. It’s not difficult. I enjoy not eating these things. I pride myself on the fact that even when tempted, I just don’t do it. I have tricked my brain into getting a pleasure release from NOT eating sinful items. I get a willpower-boner of sorts. It feels rewarding that I can pull through a situation like this; that I am stronger than a poptart. You should feel the same.

Oh yea, I didn’t eat the poptart.


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